2 Digital Marketing Lessons to Learn from Amazon.com

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As this holiday season revealed, US shoppers did a large amount of their holiday shopping online. Internet web use score-keepers comScore has estimated that almost 39 percent of the holiday shopping in the US was carried out on e-retail stores such as Amazon. Small wonder that, with smartphones pervading homes and mobile shopping catching on, let alone the secure eCommerce platforms available today for business use.

If you are looking for a finger in the pie of online retail with your eCommerce business, there is no better time than now. More and more people are becoming comfortable shopping online. With more robust and secure payment modes, people are becoming less wary of spending their cash online.

And the king in the midst of all this retail glory is Amazon.com. This e-retail giant was awarded the distinction of providing the highest satisfaction to online shoppers by customer experience analytics firm ForeSee. ForeSee took into account surveys of more than 25000 customers who visited 100 retailers in 2015. Of these customers, those that we’re highly satisfied with Amazon are 67 percent more likely to visit the company next time they are looking to buy a similar product.

Today, customers are king. Amazon caught on to that early on, and for the last eight years they have managed to remain the undisputed champions of online retail. As a result, there can be no better examples of online digital marketing strategies than the ones that Amazon uses.

Clearly, the benefits of customer satisfaction are brand loyalty and future revenue. Satisfied customers are also going to be promoting your brand, telling their friends and family about you. So what is it that makes Amazon’s online customer service stand out?

1. Amazon uses data to track customer experience and improve that experience.

Amazon thinks ahead. The Amazon team understands that more than high retail sales customer satisfaction is key, if it is to have customers coming back again and again. In an effort to achieve it’s end, the team tries to understand it’s customers. Amazon monitors the data related to every segment of their target audience, in order to find out how their website can create a better impact. Their website tries to achieve a deep understanding of each demographic.

You can do it too. It’s possible to use available online analytics tools to track the activities of the visitors to your website. Using tools such as Google Analytics, you can track what visitors to your site are looking for when they arrive at your site, and what links they are clicking on, as well as the point at which they are dropping off. The Flow Visualization tool offered by Analytics can come in handy at this point to trace how your visitors travel from link to link on your website.

You can find out what products your customers are purchasing and which they are not. It’s also possible to track how much people are spending on specific products. This data can be used to provide high levels of customer satisfaction. And entering the minds of your target audience will soon become a surefire way to increasing your web conversion rates.

2. Amazon produces relevant and accurate content.

Getting your analytics tools up and running isn’t the end of it. You also have to provide great content that is relevant to the visitor. Too many retail websites lack info, and that puts visitors off. When they are about to buy something, they want to know enough about it so they are comfortable purchasing it online.

Amazon caters to this need. The website offers detailed descriptions of products (which plenty of other retail sites don’t bother with) and offers loads of reviews written by users. These reviews are further ranked by visitors according to usefulness, so customers have to read only the top few to find out what the most accurate reviews are. This makes the product info on the website not only relevant, but also transparent. There is no better way to make the customer feel they can trust you.

It’s clear that the customer will continue to be king for a long time. At least, as long as the internet, social media and mobile technologies continue to be a large part of our lives. While that is the status quo, online companies like Amazon will continue to thrive. Other online companies that stick to the old methods of controlling what their visitors (and customers) see online get left far behind in the race.

So take a page out of Amazon’s digital marketing book and rethink your service strategy. There are bound to be payoffs.
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