99.9% of Business Owners Get Marketing Online Wrong

Thankfully, it’s not their fault. The mistakes and blunders that they are making (oftentimes without even knowing it) can be remedied quite quickly with very little real effort on their behalf. All you have to do is know and understand a handful or more of the insider secrets that make online marketing a smash hit, and then you’ll be able to create the business of your dreams and unlock real financial freedom.

But without those fundamentals of online marketing those insider secrets that only the real pros know you can almost guarantee that your marketing is going to be weak, ineffectual, and downright sloppy.

Luckily, I’m going to share as many of those fundamentals with you right now.

You cannot do anything online until you know exactly who your target customer is

If this sounds like Marketing and Business 101, that’s because it is but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the amazing benefits that you’re able to enjoy the second that you start to pay attention to the basics.

Unless you know exactly who your target customer and prospect is and I mean stole cold know them inside and out you’re going to flop with each and every one of your marketing pieces. There are no amount of tips, tricks, and tactics that can save your bacon when you don’t know everything about your customer regardless of what so-called online gurus would tell you.

But the moment that you start to uncover as many details about your target market as you can what they like, what they’re looking for, and what they want to end up with or who they want to be just by using your services or products the better your marketing is going to be with literally zero extra effort on your behalf.

The best way to learn this kind of nuclear weapons grade marketing information is to pay close attention to all of the customer contacts you already have (including customer support emails, customer information calls, refund requests, and anything else you can dig up) as well as all of the web properties, forms, and chat rooms that your target marketplace frequents on a regular basis. This will give you all of the information you need to start making your marketing more and more effective, giving you an almost deadly and unfair edge against each and every one of your competitors.

Pay more attention to the message within the medium

This cannot be overstated.

Too many people get hung up on using social media, blasting out information with an email, or bombing forms with all kinds of threats and comments that they forget that the medium that they deliver their message in is nowhere near as important as the actual message itself.

No matter how the message is delivered, people who are interested and I mean red-hot interested, ready to without their wallet at any time (the kinds of people you’ll be marketing to once you know exactly who they are) will jump to attention and focus on your marketing message regardless of how it is pushed to them. This is a critical distinction that almost no online marketers understand, but that you can use to amazing affect once you fully grasp it’s power.

Always always focus on the message and the market before you worry about the medium, and don’t fall into the trick or fools gold that is peddled by modern-day snake oil salesman promising you the moon and the stars just because you have unlocked some secret way to boost your Twitter followers, get more likes on your Instagram pictures, or whatever else tactic du jour they are pumping out today.

With the right message you can really make the register ring on any medium.

Always look for evergreen online marketing opportunities rather than bouncing from what’s hot today but could be ice cold tomorrow

This might be the most challenging aspect of trying to properly market online, but the one that can give you the most benefit and unlock almost endless profits.

Everyone online today is used to such a rapid development cycle, pace of innovation, and the onslaught of tools technologies and updates that are being pumped out on a regular basis with the pace only quickening faster and faster seemingly every day. This has caused a bit of a cat and mouse kind of chase, where people are always true looking for the next big thing rather than focusing on the actual fundamental evergreen aspects that could unlock profits forever.

Sure, this kind of online marketing is nowhere near as sexy as the idea of jumping in on the ground floor of some hot new tactic or trick. But the reality is that those same hot techniques almost always backfire shortly after they produce the windfall you’re looking for cutting your marketing legs out from underneath you and leaving you almost completely crippled. Trying to find all of the different little wrinkles and cheat your way to the top is the best way to ensure that what works today will cripple your results tomorrow, whereas chasing down evergreen and long term solutions will give you the financial security that you’ve been dreaming about.

Until you can shift your focus from the run and gun style of marketing campaigns and trying to focus on real marketing strategies long-term plans that can produce amazing results over time you’re going to struggle like so many other smart and savvy business people who have found no real luck making it work online.

Final verdict

Armed with these simple little insider secrets and a handful of others that you’ll pick up along the way you should have more than enough ammo to really turn your online marketing on it’s head and create windfall profits both in the short term and the long term. There might not be a more powerful business tool ever invented in the history of man, but you have to unlock the secrets to make it work for you.

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