3 Tips to Improve Personal Branding

Does your personal branding bring it?
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So here you are…an entrepreneur. You are now building your business online. You are learning all the bells and whistles of how to market. Grabbing hold of every tool to help you succeed.

But here’s the thing…Who are you?

Think about that…let it soak in.

Who are you? You see you have to dig deep and find out who you truly are so that you can build your personal brand that booms! It is absolutely vital to your long term success and ability to gain exposure and connect with your customers. When people see your brand…they need to see YOU!

Okay coolio. You understand that this stuff is pretty dang important. But you don’t know where to start this personal branding. This is where these 3 top tips can get you rocking right away.

Check it out.

1. Your Passions will lead to Profits
Whatever things in your day to day life you are passionate about….they must be a part of your personal brand. I repeat..THEY MUST!

If you dig wearing your baseball cap backwards…then do it.

If you enjoy wearing expensive and flashy neckties…then do it.

You really enjoy entertaining people around you by telling jokes on politics…then do it.

You need to understand that by expressing your personal passions as part of your brand…you are bringing that same level of high vibration energy to it.

All of those things you really dig on and would talk about until the end of time bring an energy to your expression as a leader in your business.

Maybe you absolutely love the comic book character Wolverine and so you grow the sideburns out. If that is your thing…well then…Snikt Snikt!!!

You see when people see you, they will see someone enjoying their life at a very high level. Like the limitless joy of a child.

And everybody wants to be a kid again.

2. Never, Ever take a “normal” picture at networking events.
Okay…okay. Maybe “Never” is too strong a word.

There are many occasions where normal will do when it comes to photo opportunities.

But my point is that there are far too many people in business who have “normal” locked down. They already do all those normal smiles, normal poses, normal and safe photo opportunities.

That…is not how you build a personal brand that BOOMS!

Take the example of the pic at the beginning of this post and in the video below.

Um…yeah. NOT NORMAL.

And that is what you want folks. You see this photo is now part of the video promotion for the next No Excuses Summit in 2014. This picture is from the event in 2012. And yet there is my J-Boom brand gaining more exposure. And it stems from the fact that I didn’t take a normal picture.

I was having an absolute mind blowing weekend of upgrading my wisdom and hanging out with tons of incredible friends and mentors. I was jacked up about it okay!!

So when the event photographer came by…I raised my fist and yelled like a madman.

CLick! Tons of laughs, more smiles of success. And here it is being part of their next promotion.

A “normal” pic just would not have cut it I’m afraid.

So always remember to show your true colors, true emotions, true self when that photo opp comes by.

Forget normal….Think Boom.

3. If it’s true to you…then you GOTTA DO!!!
This third top tip kind of wraps up the whole foundation of building that personal brand that stands out for you and helps your business grow.

It’s really that simple.

Whatever is true for you…for your personality, your style, your beliefs, your vision….you gotta do.

Just let it all out.

No holding back.

You can only truly be yourself if you are going to win in the long run. Putting up a front or being false for the sake of representing success…sorry buddy.

Ain’t gonna happen…ain’t gonna last.

Plus you will conserve so much energy by just being yourself. Think about how damn tired you would be if you we’re “acting” 24/7?

Nope..conserve all that acting energy and let it flow into your business connections.

Allow every potential client or biz partner immediately see the real deal that is you.

From the jump, they will KNOW who you are and what you are all about in this life.

Armed with these 3 top tips…you can begin building your own unique personal brand.

Who knows…I might even see you at No Excuses 5.

And if I do…just remember.

The pictures are going to ROCK!

Gratitude is the Attitude that gives our dreams Altitude!!!

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