The New Business Leadership

At the core of the new business entrepreneur is the inherent ability to put themselves in the target markets shoes. How does the customer perceive their market? How can your new idea for a solution be delivered in an innovative way, so as to be perceived as differentiated by the client?

Once you have that idea, you hold on to that dream. It is a seed to germinate into your new business holding the DNA to replicate with quality and to be sustainable and grow.
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There are so many rising business entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and inventions solutions to problems. There are innovative services to offer as well.

But to apply the new energy, the Entrepreneur must first conquer the main culprit to both his/her inner and outer success… FEAR. Most entrepreneurs will either suppress it or stunt their growth because of it. Fear of Failure… we don’t realize that Failure is but an awesome energy experience to point us in a different direction to reflect back to us what we might improve. But all too often in the past, we have let fear of competitors, taxes, litigations, our own perceived LACK of talents/skills/education, or no start-up capital to defeat ourselves before starting.

Most Entrepreneurs are afraid of Failur.e they want it to work the first time every time without pain!!

The answer is really simple. Get out of the old mindset of fear. What you focus on expands. Focus on your idea, your concept. Envision – see it’s solution out there in the marketplace, as if it has already succeeded. Allow it to unfold give it it’s freedom it will evolve into things you might not understand today. Then, bringing yourself back to your current situation, begin to visualize the resources you need to succeed. The new Entrepreneur allows higher realms to work with them as part of the process. So take a moment to bless all of the aspects of your business give gratitude for all the resources you have been given family and business. Really feel the expression of thanks it helps to invoke your energies. Bless your creation for expansion of ideas and processes. This will allow you to expand that energy into others in your business.

As the Entrepreneur, you are envisioning, planning and ready to execute. You realize that your first priority is to lead, inspire, motivate, and also to sell the solution or service. To invoke the new energies and let them expand into your business and marketplace, you must create a context around your business i.e., HOW you deliver your products and services is more important than the product or service itself.

Why? Because, creating a context for your business invokes the non-physical energies of attraction and expansion to sustain your business and to positively impact your surroundings.

How? First, you must create a context of accountability and respect that flows into all employees, vendors, and customers you have contact with. In my business, I termed it the Code of Honor (detailed in my eBook, Small Business Success by Design), which not only set standards for product or service delivery, but also more importantly, provided a RESPONSIBILITY context within which to operate. This included such points as reinforcing the team concept, communication, etc.

You transform behavior to get RESULTS instead of fear based action.

Other Transformational Behavior
We need to be cognizant of the fact that we are where we should be at the present moment. None of you would be in an opportunity if you didn’t have this energy to make a difference.

Stay focused on your intent; Let go of your attachments to desired outcomes. You are blazing the trail for your employees, customers, as well as other new conscious entrepreneurs you will start to attract. You need to remove the boundaries of limitation to free it to take shape.

Dont waste time analyzing and writing the perfect Business Plan. Create then ACT. Getting out there with your product or service will help to validate your strategy and will eliminate costly mistakes. It will also invoke higher energies that will expand your business faster and in ways perhaps you never dreamed. Writing a business plan later as you evolve your business will serve a better purpose of refining your clarity.

Keep in mind that your expanded energy will have to co-exist with the frustrations of the old way of business financial needs, tax ramifications, worrying about the bottom line, etc. Three aspects to consider here First, Focus on positive strengths and circumstances. What you focus on expands. Focusing on what is right and on strengths dramatically improves your chances (See Kurt Wrights book, Breaking the Rules) . Second, humor is critical to your expansion as a business to offset this. This energy provides a creative environment for ideas, growth, and overcoming sticky situations. Third, only focusing on the profit to shareholders, and the ROI will drain your energy and take the joy of creativity out of the equation. Instead of the bottom line focus, apply your energy to the lifeline of your business focusing on the betterment of your employees, the quality of communication and care for your customers, and in building and maintaining strong relationships with like-minded vendors. This will balance your company and the bottom line should take care of itself!

Your word is gospel, it is your truth. How powerful are words? Words are a communication of energy. Being insincere or conveniently hiding glaring facts generate strong repercussions and negative energy that can doom your company. It is essential in your interactions with clients to communicate truthful energy. Make it a priority to engender trust from your clients. Recognize they have a consciousness establishing yourself as their partner in their business solution rather than convincing them that you’re great that they need to buy from you, is the key to expansion.

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