The Ultimate Branding Tool

Whether you’re in Real state, Network marketing, Direct sales, health and wellness industry, or literally if you have anything that you think someone else could benefit from, and you’re looking for exposure, you must have a blog . The benefits of having a small piece of land in this vast world of cyberspace are endless.

See no matter what happens, you’re you , right? Let me explain. As time progresses your opportunity might change, maybe the compensation plan changes, and you found that it wasn’t in your best interest to stay, the products might change, and you might not like the new product, and of course for all you affiliate marketers out there your products will always change but you will always be you!

Your blog is you and your brand, and that is something you will never have to worry about going out of business (If you have your own hosting). Remember this, your personal brand is the most long term and profitable asset you can ever create for yourself.

Social Media Is Not Enough

Many people are making this crucial mistake , relying only on social media for their online presence all the time. When you first start learning about online marketing, at least in my experience and many other of my friends, you start off with social media. Now they join the online marketing trenches without having a name or just plain brand new, without really cultivating any sort of influence in their niche. Again I learned this the hard way, people join people who they know, who they like, and know will be a good leader. To be a leader you need to influence, and the best way to influence online is with your blog.

Another reason why not to rely on social media alone for branding, is because you operate under certain rules, and if you don’t follow those rules, *poof* goodbye profile and thousands of followers along with endless hours of work. Another reason is, it could be pirated, or you never know, that social network might shut down the next day. In the other hand a blog you own through having your own hosting, you don’t have to worry about what you write, and what links you expose, if your going to get banned, your completely at your own risk and you have freedom in what content you decide to share.

A Chance To Become A Leader

People join people who they know, they like, and know will be a good leader. A blog gives you a chance to do all that and more. When others surf through your page and see the content and value you have provided for free, it gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as a leader and an expert in whatever niche you decide.

Content is key to your online marketing success. This is where you will showcase your talents and start the relationship by giving rather than taking. Would you start off a relationship by asking for something? of course not, yet so many people give you a link in Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and so on, that will send you straight to a lead capture page or their companies homepage, before they make an effort to ask that person where you from? what do you do for a living? you get my point.

Quickly I just want to clear a few points, you don’t have to be a great writer to become a blogger, or worry about knowing everything there is to know in your niche before staring one either. The beautiful thing is that your blog grows with you , as you learn new techniques, new strategies, and so on, your able to give more and more value to others. Also there are new people coming into your niche all the time, so don’t worry if your just staring in your niche.

People Will Follow

Ask successful online marketers where the money is, and they will most likely tell you is on the list. As people opt in your blog (the form that allows people to give you their name and email this is crucial to your blog) to be a part of your newsletters and leadership, you will see a list develop. It all starts with an opt in form, and having something of value to give as a gift , and to encourage your visitor into giving their name and email address. Now a before that list happens you want to join some type of email marketing system such as Benchmark(click on link to try it for free), to be able to send out your newsletters and email campaigns in bulks, and organizing those lists.

People will syndicate your content

In other words they will share your content with others if they like it and learned something from it (I will be giving you a list of plug ins in a later post that will make it easier, and dramatically increase the percent of content being shared. So make sure to come back! ). So imagine this you have 5 people that just shared your content in tweeter, each of those people have 5,000 followers each, your blog just got exposed to 25,000 people in twitter! all because they they liked it, and learned something from it.

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