4 Ways to Connect Through Content

Marketing is one of the most interestingly challenging crafts there is to take on in 2017.

It presents a great mix of creativity, problem solving & business acumen to be moderately successful with any marketing campaign. Coming up with marketing messages for your products/services, writing engaging content or explaining a process can be a daunting task but there’s hope.

The fundamental principle to remember is that at it’s most basic form marketing comes down to the message being delivered & its ability to connect with its targeted audience. So the question now becomes is your message truly received?

When you break it down your prospect is spending more time in front of a screen than ever before. Your challenge has now become building a deep connection with your prospective audience through an inanimate object.

No problem, right?

Well actually, yes!

Luckily there are certain principles that are mainstays of the marketing arsenal. Timeless techniques that help reach your marketing goals by connecting with your audience. Here are the 4 principles to keep in mind while working on your marketing messages:

1. Write Shorter Sentences

In the age of smart phones, studies have shown our attention span is less than 8 seconds. Writing short sentences is a a great way to combat this fact. Shorter sentences help get your point across in a timely manner. And since, internet readers are mostly scanners, the short sentence is easier to digest.

2. Use Emotional Words

Spice up your writing with emotion. You can use specific words to tap into emotions at will emphasizing facts with these trigger words. Like it or not, we all make buying decisions based on emotions. If your message can tap into your audiences emotions you’ll create a deeper connection leading to easier sales.

3. Tell Stories

We were raised on them, learned through them & have grew attached to certain ones. Stories are a universal form of communications that have been around since cavemen carved on rocks. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel as there are certain types of stories that have always been around (i.e. coming-of-age, star-crossed lovers, superhero). Stories are the best way to either recount your own experiences or present your product/services in a new light.

4. Involve Your Audience

Always look for ways to include your audience into your content. Remember you’re taking them on a journey with your content. It can be something as simple as maintaining a 2nd person writing style by including words like “you” & “your.” Or, include them by using familiar stories that will kick start their thinking. Whatever the case may be, always look for ways in your marketing content to involve your audience.

One of the more difficult tasks you’ll take part in while running your business is how to connect with your customers without being face to face. The reality is as much as we are an always connected world we seem to be increasingly more disconnected. We find ourselves having to build trusting relationships over a screen. Although it can seem difficult to do, it’s still possible by keeping the above-mentioned principles in mind.

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