Crafting Your Marketing Using Psychology

“It’s all in your head!”

How many times have you heard this statement in your life? It’s the staple statement from every parent trying to teach their child a lesson. “It’s all in your head,” they say. “You can do it!” So we listen to them because they’re our parents & in the end figure out that they were right – it was all in our heads.

Life is funny that way where most of our behaviours are based around preconceived notions that are stuck in our heads. Beliefs that have been told to us either from a parent, teacher, friend or the media that have a series affect on our behaviours.

As a small business owner you can use this knowledge to you advantage when focusing on your marketing message.

Being a marketing professional, I’m constantly asking myself this very question only it’s about other people. I’ve found over time I’ve become a student of behavioural psychology & can get lost in the study of the connection between our minds and our behaviours.

Throughout my research, I found that there are ways you can use psychology to your advantage when crafting a marketing message. If you want truly effective marketing messages than I highly recommend becoming a student of the human condition.

Understand the why we do the things we do & you’ll be able to turn out winning marketing campaigns over & over again. Here is how you can craft messages that involve & entice your prospects at the same time by using some psychology.

Priming – That Seems Comfortable

Priming is a way of subtly setting up your prospect nudging him/her towards a desired result. You’re essentially using words in your marketing copy that will induce a specific reaction in your prospect.

Pricing – What’s In It For Me?

Pricing should go deeper than whether or not you end it with .99 or .98. Although, your price point matters there is something more important psychologically speaking that you can do in your marketing. This is the place to take a ‘what’s in it for me (your prospect)?’ Focus your message on the result the prospect will get before the you talk about cost.

Reciprocity – You Shouldn’t Have

One of the oldest influence tricks is Reciprocity. There is an impulse that’s universal in human beings where we’ll feel. There’s a universal tendency in human beings to feel obliged to repay (or reciprocate) when given a gift. This can be a material object, a kind deed or an act of generosity. We are all even driven to repay debt of all kinds. You can test various ways of ‘giving something away for free’ to get your prospect to feel obligated to repay – by purchasing.

The take away behind all of this is that a purchasing decision is emotional. We all buy stuff through our emotion and rationalize it afterwards. The key is to get an understanding of your prospect to dig deeper using popular psychological to better craft your marketing message.

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