Engage Your Audience With These 10 Words

Imagine there was a magic formula of words that you could use to efficiently to get your desired message across. A balanced approach that gave you the right to call yourself a certified wordsmith.

Would you approach your day with a certain peace of mind that you have everything under control? Knowing that in a culture of information overload you have the formula that could lead to an independent lifestyle of prosperity.

The truth is there is no magic formula. Just words that throughout the span of time for as long as words have been spoken & written have always been more effective than others. Here are 10 words to start using in your communications to get a better response.

1. Imagine

One of the most powerful words in the English Language. Starting a sentence with imagine places a personal definition to what’s stated next. If you’ve done your homework you’ll understand how to state something that will put your prospect in the emotional state you want.

2. Peace of Mind

It’s a great way to express security. It evokes a kind, gentle way that speaks to commonality we all look for in life. Regardless of who we are, where we come from, what challenges we face – we’re all striving for peace of mind.

3. A Balanced Approach

An ideology that will win credibility (as long as you practice it.) The reason it works so well in communication is that it sparks the thoughts of something we all want, a more balanced life. Although, you may not be talking about life using these words will indirectly get your audience thinking about it.

4. Certified

When you use the word alone or in a message you scream trust & confidence. If a company has certifications we trust it more, if an individual is certified in their field we have confidence they can get the job done. A great word to use when you’re building trust with a prospect.

5. Prosperity

When you think of this word you think about opportunity, security, more money or even a better lifestyle. It doesn’t matter who we are we all want it & the simple thought of prosperity makes us feel good.

6. Lifestyle

This is one of the greatest words to use as it means something different & personal to each of us. It’s this certain personality of the words that can conjure up a positive emotion & the receiver of the message can subconsciously think you get him/her.

7. Independent

This one is simple, everybody wants more of it. But, when you look deeper how independent or individualized we think our lives are affects our attitudes, behaviours & actions. We all want our very unique experiences. As a communicator you can use this to your advantage when talking to your prospects independence.

8. A Culture of

By Nature humans are social beings & we automatically think of ourselves as part of certain ‘tribes.’ Using this in your message correctly can break down walls & control fight or flight responses. In a sense, we all want to be part of something that’s bigger than us & using these words to describe your company can have a powerful impact on your audience.

9. The Right to

“The Right to Bear Arms” is great example of a simple sentence that sparks a day long debate that will never stop. If you know who your communicating to you know what ‘rights’ they agree with & you can use this knowledge to your advantage. Even without that knowledge the phrase “The Right To..” simply empowers you to feel something.

10. Efficient

Efficient really just means getting more for less. In a competitive world everybody is looking for a more efficient way to do things (i.e. lose weight, make money, save money, improve their business, etc.) The word come with a positive intellectual tone suggesting a wise use of energy & resources.

At their core all these share something in common, they all evoke common & positive emotions. By correctly intertwining these words into the messages you want to deliver will give you more communication success.

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