Meet the Man

b2I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts. Growing up in the 1970s, things were simpler than. My father had an accounting business passed down to him by his father. His business was supported entirely by other small businesses in our community. To say that small business permeated my childhood years would be an understatement.

After school every day, I would head down to my father’s office for a few hours before we went home for dinner. My father would have me reorganizing files or scrubbing toilets, anything to keep me occupied!

One of the things that stands out most in my mind is the sincere conversations my father would have with other business owners. Clients he had come to call friends.  Later in life, those memories keep resurfacing and I believe it’s part of what has driven me to wards wanting to help other small businesses.In some way, I feel we are all in this together.

Small business ownership is an amazing and wonderful thing, but it certainly comes with its share of challenges, not the least of which is wearing and altogether unreasonable number of hats!

The world looks a lot different now. The internet has certainly changed almost every aspect of our Lives, small business marketing certainly being no exception.

So, while the methods we use today to market probably look a lot different than what my father and his clientele used, I like to think I carry my father’s genuine sense of care for his clients into my business.

Interested in talking about your small business goals? I’d love to hear from you.